Renault Torpedo Type MT

Renault Torpedo Type MT received design and shape from Jean-Henry Labourdette and Louis Renault, and has a typical 2-door boat shaped body style with two doors and 3 seats. Interestingly, the boat shaped car body comes from the boat industry – the first car bodies were manufactured by marine workers who took chassis they knew well to adapt to the cars. The “boat-shaped” car body style become very popular and was used for many car models in 1920’s. Type MT was first presented at Salon de l’Automobile in Paris in 1923 and was a direct competition to Citroën Type C and Peugeot Quadrilette. This one on the photographs is displayed at Mulhouse museum and seems to have slightly modified chassis after its production in 1923. Renault Type MT is a rear wheel drive car and was manufactured in Billancourt factory from 1923 to 1925 with 4-cylinder 951 cc front engine which produces 15HP. Its weight is 543kg. By design the car’s maximum speed is 60km/h. In 1924 Renault started the production of Renault NN, which in 1925 replaced completely Renault Torpedo Type MT.



Renault Torpedo Type MT targeted audience was the medium social class in France.