How perfect is Perfex

How perfect is Perfex 1 43?

How perfect is Perfex 1 43? Indeed – quality of the models is very good, even excellent. First thing that you see when you hold a 1:43 scale model from Perfex is high attention to detail and build quality. Especially – the Renault type OS 5, a 1933 bus the served “Ajaccio – Letia – Renno” commuting line.

Very good model indeed, and unique as it is missing from other scale model makers. So – we have a win here. One thing I don’t like is the scale itself. The model just looks a little bit bigger than it should be, compared to other 1:43 scale models. Of course, we should not forget it is a bus, but still I am not completely convinced it is the right scale. The other bus is — Renault Galion Bus Heuliez Buchet (limited to 150 pieces), and the Renault 1400 KG Heuliez Robustacier Camping Car.


  • Pros: High quality, attention to detail and precise finish work and manual assembly. Great detail!
  • Cons: Model feels a little bit bigger that it should be (but it is not). Models are a very fragile and gentle and needs more attention to handle. One of the modes arrived with completely damaged screw that fixes it to the base. This is not acceptable for the price range given by the manufacturer.
  • Finally: So, how perfect is Perfex? Indeed – it is and yes, you should have at least one in your Renault collection.


Renault Perfex OS bus 1 43 perfex How perfect is Perfex Renault Perfex OS bus price photo 1 43

A comment on the sale — it feels like the two OS 5 models from Perfex are a bit bigger than 1:43 (probably 1:42). Look at the Clio I Phase 1, Vivasport Type Coach YZ4 Coupe and the OS 5 models photo. Os 5s, same as Renault 1400 KG and Galion Bus just looked bigger. However, reading through the car dimensions (wheelbase details) of the real cars, it looks like that the scale is just right.

A comment on the price — Price is in the range of 90 EUR to 130 EUR. At launch, Perfex asked for higher price than stores asked later on. Some new Renault bus models lack detail (and there is less detail with the buses in general), however similar price is asked. I found a very good sale, so I got the OS 5 lorry for about 90 EUR with the shipping from France.

Conclusion: Good job! Need to work on finish work, especially in mind that these models are intended to be displayed out of their box, for example placed in a vitrine, which means they will be taken out of their original box.



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