Concept models execution

It’s all about a concept models execution!

Why Renault always has this generic approach when building street models. Look at the concept models – Captur, R-Space, KWID. It seems that Renault is placing itself more like Dacia, than Dacia placing its models close to Renault. This contamination does not look promising. Although KWID seems a little bit too close to Renault Captur concept, at least one of the models can perfectly define a market itself, IF executed properly. It seems like Renault is struggling from a constant misunderstanding between the designers/R&D and the marketing and sales from the other side. One creating what might be absolute blockbusters, and the other – demanding “cheap” cars to sell, focusing on the increasing need for the car for a sub-middle class. Is that the market that Renault really targets? We will only see that in the coming years, but still – it will be a pity to continuously see only concepts with great potential and not so consistent execution (not to mention what happened to KWID). Seems like that – concept models execution is a key factor.

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