Hello everybody! I assume, since you are here you are already a scale model enthusiast or even, a serious Autodocious.comscale model car collector. Autodocious.com is created to organize and show Renault 1:43 scale models collection. I started to collect Renault models by incident somewhere in September 2002. My first scale model was Renault 8 Gordini, which I later sold. Since then, I bought many Renault scale models and I am happy to show them here, and some with a sense of humor. More enthusiastic car collectors may wish to check some 1:43 accessories and tires that can perfectly fit Renault scale models.

Renault 1:43 Scale Models Producers

As you probably know Renault automaker has “pushed” a lot of its street and concept models to be created in 1:43 scale and mainly by Vitesse (back then), Skid, IXO, Norev, Provence Moulage (owned by Norev now), Spark, Trofeu, Minichamps, Eligor, Altaya, Nostalgie… and the list is not even complete. There are couple of small French (and Italian) enthusiasts and businesses that add their personal touch to their 1:43 scale models, such as Alezan, Jemmpy, Ministyle, Paradcar, MiniCar, Top 43, AM71.Creations and more. To outline the difference between the two groups: the first group reproduces in a technically correct manner car details, and makes more so to say life-like models; they would produce mainly mainstream models (Clio RS, Megane Berline). For example, it is rather unlikely that Norev launches a Renault Safrane Long Cours, but a typical car model for them would be a Renault Megane II Phase 2 Coupe. Also, the first group would mass produce its models, meaning there will be thousands of Renault Megane II Phase 2 coupe in 1:43 scale on the market. Enough for the first group.

Second group represent more a boutique scale model makers. They are more a group of enthusiasts that create an art, custom build, often completely hand build Renault scale models. Typically they would target rare Renault models that are not produced by the first group. Good example is Renault 19 Phase 1 Chamade (a 1990 economy sedan) made by Paradcar. Their models are also technically correct, but as they are hand build, each author recreates the scale model according to his or her own perception; also, negligible miss adjustments in small car parts are possible (although not necessary). The boutique group (generally) makes unique scale models and usually in a very limited quantities (for example 100 pieces of one model). For example, Renault Safrane Long Cours. Having in mind the limited quantities, and adding that each model maker translates his/her’s personal vision into each scale model he or she produces, these scale models are very rare and highly appreciated by collectors.

Recent Times

The trend of the above said is changing in the recent 5-6 years. We see that premium scale models makers that were appreciated for their detailed model cars (but still active in the mass production segment) started to launch more and more scale models that resemble rare cars, such is the case of Renault Espace F1 at 1:43 scale by Spark. And market is asking a tremendous price for this model. Also, some small companies that were known for their hand build models were acquired by bigger mass produce companies, such was the case of Provence Moulage that has been bought by Norev couple of years ago. Norev continues to use the Provence Moulage brand for its more special and custom produce models (or at least this is what markets feels), good example is Renault Grand Tour Concept 1:43 scale model.

Quality Before Year 2000

Diecast Car DetailsThere were more Renault 1:43 scale model makers before year 2000, such as CIJ, Majorette, old Solido. From the current perspective and expectations for detail,  I would say these models were lacking detail very much. But back then, 30+ years back in time we didn’t have the technology to reproduce the detail in 1:43 scale; much precise modern machines can produce better detail now. In addition, as implied above, the level of detail of the 1:43 scale model is just one of the dimensions that makes particular model more appreciated. I have seen couple of Renault (models made by CIJ) collections from ‘70s-‘80s that are lacking detail, but they are completely adorable and you will all agree if you see them. In other words -- it is your personal attitude towards scale models collecting and shall you look for a models that tend to be more an exact copies of the car on the street. Or, will you like to compromise on “exactness” and also value the art of the representation itself. Depends on you. I personally am trying to keep the balance :-)

Also, in Autodocious.com you will see some 1:43 scale models from other automakers such as VW, Volvo, Audi, and more car producers from US.

Wish you a pleasant journey!



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